It’s Their Time

Sometimes I find myself amazed at the youth in this church. Doctrinally, I realize they were reserved to come to earth at this time because of their valiant nature and because the church really needs rock solid youth who are fully converted. Youth who will one day be the leaders in this world of moral decay who the Lord can rely upon to establish Zion. In practice, I see amazing things going on within the youth. My children continually amaze me with the seriousness in which they take their responsibilities. And the youth in my ward are amazing too.

I was sitting in fast and testimony meeting this past Sunday and was in awe at the youth coming up to share their thoughts. Gone are the days when youth just get up out of duty and give some canned, standard testimony which they’ve heard rehearsed from others. Instead, they get up and share their feelings; they share their struggles; they tearfully speak of trials and triumphs; and they speak of truly coming unto Christ in the process. 

This scripture is one that often describes them: 

“And they were all young men [and women], and they were exceedingly valiant for courage, and also for strength and activity; but behold, this was not all—they were men [and women] who were true at all times.”  (Alma 53:20)

Yes, the youth mess up. Sometimes they forget their high standards. Sometimes they temporarily step out of line. ALL youth do. It’s part of growing up and getting the hang of things. But what matters the most is how they get back up and continue on the journey to eternal life.

And they are doing just that.


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