Ah. . .the Sun

It’s been a very long winter already. Almost three feet of snow, freezing rain, humongous icicles, and back breaking shoveling. Add to that gutters falling off and no more places to push the snow to get it out of the way and you can see why this winter has been rough. And it’s only January!

Along with the snow there’s been an absence of direct sunshine. With days on end of cloudy skies, you really start to feel a bit gloomy. Some people are more susceptible to this than others, resulting in depression, sadness, and overall gloominess. It’s enough to make anyone shout “Where is the sun!” 

So yesterday, as I was preparing dinner and some of my kids were working on homework, the sun decided to show itself before retiring behind the western mountains. I quickly called all of the kids to the window where the sun’s glorious rays were streaming in and told them to mimic Timothy Green. So we all stood there in a row, with arms outstretched, drinking in the sunlight and letting it enliven our spirits. 

Sure, it only lasted about 2 minutes. But those 2 minutes were priceless. 

I’m thankful for the sun that not only keeps us from freezing to death, but provides light and hope as well.

Spring can’t come too soon.


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